13 October 2006

The latest edition of "Did that really happen?"

As if to prove my point from my previous entry, the edit controls are back.  I have no idea why.  To celebrate, I give you...(wait for it)...


I've written before about some strange stuff that goes on around me from time to time.  I never thought I would write about Ethel Rosenberg, but I did a few months ago after the night time sky freaked me out.  And I'm trying to find a few others, but the "search journals" feature is total crap.  I know one of the entries has to do with Duran Duran.  You'd think that if I search this journal for that, I'd get the entry.  But no, I get a web site that tries to sell me concert tickets.

Anyway, middle of last week, I'm sitting at the kitchen table doing some schoolwork while my wife is over on the couch checking out what is on TV.  She stops and I hear singing and when I look up there are four women singing "Heatwave" (while I grew up on the Linda Ronstadt version, the very best is Joan Osborne's from "Standing in the Shadows of Motown."  Sorry, Martha).  It's only on for a moment, long enough for me to hear them sing "And I'm filled with..." before she changes the channel.  There's one last word in that line of the song that we did not hear.

We have digital cable, so when you go to a new station there is a display at the bottom of the screen that tells you what is on.  So what do you suppose was the title of the program on the very next channel?


Which just happens to be the word that completes the lyric we heard to "Heatwave."

Perhaps I'm making a bit too much of it, but this kind of stuff freaks me out.  I'm completing the lyric in my head, and I see the same word displayed on the next channel.  It's like mental Karoeke.  Think about it-what are the odds that we are going to turn on the tv even at the time these shows are on, that we would see the show with the women singing at that particular time, turn the channel when we did, immediately to a show with a title that completes the lyric?

I could live one million years and I'm sure it would never happen again.


psychfun said...

Not "Were having a heatwave, a tropical heatwave"? I like the grumpy old men version! HA! Friday the 13th...I'd go buy a lotto ticket if I were you!

jevanslink said...

OOOOOO, cosmic, dude.  

Mrs. L