06 April 2008


I somehow just lost my entire entry that I've been working on this morning, and I am using Firefox.  I thought this wasn't supposed to happen in that browser.

To sum up:

1. We survived the first week of my playing Mr. Mom
2. My son gets up way too early
3. (Sound of him filling his diaper in the midst of me writing this)
4. I hate Oprah.
5. The infamous "pregnant man" is not a man, people.  "He" is a biological woman who wants to live as a man, yet "he" kept his baby parts.  Please stop acting like this is an actual man who somehow got pregnant. 
6. I'm all for "him" having this kid.  God knows it's the best thing anyone can ever do with their lives.
7. I hope James Dobson et al is choking on his Wheaties in apoplexy over this.  Morons.
7. I really, really hate Oprah.

1 comment:

jevanslink said...

Hi, my biological mom is my dad. Don't confuse him/her with the woman I call Mom, not because actually she gave birth to me, but because she is married to the man who did. See he used o be a woman, but he decided to become a man instead, which doesn't require you to turn in your extra female body parts, so you can keep using them until they wear out.  

Mrs. L