13 May 2008

AOL, you suck!

Yes, you do, my inadequate blog provider.  I just spent more than an hour crafting my thoughts about something rather important to me only to see it disappear under the banner of "Sorry, AOL journals is unavailable" when I hit the "save" key.  Interesting that when it comes back to the entry screen, nothing remains except the title.

Blogger is looking more and more desirable with each passing day, you miserable technical succubus. 

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jevanslink said...

That very problem seems to happen to a bunch of us on Sundays. Good point about how the title remains.  By the way check out the comments in the entry I wrote a week or so ago about the same problem -- I think it's still on the main page. Somebody had a solution to retrieving what was lost. Sounds like it might work if you're on a PC.  

Mrs. L