22 June 2008

Your attention please

Would whoever had June 21st in the "First time that Desmond sprays his father with 'buckshot'-the kind that comes from a baby's nether regions and does not clean up with just a mop-at the ungodly hour of five a.m. with absolutely no warning, timed to release just as an old diaper is pulled down to be changed, loud enough to make him jump back three feet, which is not far enough to avoid the 'pellets', and stuns him so much that according to his wife (who was in the bathroom at the time) he yells out 'I've been hit', which he does not remember and assumes is due to a form of 'septic shock', then looks at himself in the mirror and wonders when his torso became covered in 'freckles' while listening to the six-month old baby giggle non-stop, then slips on the floor which needs a major cleaning, not to mention a fumigation, and thanks the Heavens above that he did not happen to be singing to the son at the time, which has been known to happen before, and wonders if it would have killed him, and as he changes his boxers wonders if it is worth it to try to wash the old ones or just throw them away, but isn't sure if he has a hazardous material container anyway, and then shakes his head as he goes back to the bed, where he swears he hears the son snicker softly and say 'did you really think I was never going to get you sucker?'" pool please report to information.

You have won a fabulous prize.

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jevanslink said...

Rats. I had the 22nd after naptime.  Some people have all theh luck.

Mrs. L