29 August 2008

Presidential, baby

I'll have more to say about this when I can guarantee that I am indeed living on this planet (been dealing with a back injury for the last week or so), but I the speech by Barack Obama tonight was easily his finest hour.

Yes, I've exposed my blatant Obama-bias in the past, so my feelings should be no surprise, but that speech was gold.  He is miles of a better choice than McCain.

I'll say it again: if Obama loses in November, it will be solely due to the fact that a majority of America cannot deal with the idea of a black president.  He is exactly the kind of president that this country needs in the aftermath of Bush-Cheney. 

If we blow this, America will never be the same.

Time to see if I can get back into orbit.  I've seen more stars this past week than Halley.


lv2trnscrb said...

sorry about your back injury; doesn't sound like a good time you have been having

I missed his speech last night; busy day; heard bits and pieces of it; it will be an interesting time from now until election day and then afterwards with who is chosen; personally, to me, it doesn't matter if it is man, woman, green, purple, brown, yellow, black, white, but the best qualified candidate; personally, I'm spending a lot of time in prayer for this election and both candidates

hope you feel better soon and give that sweet baby of yours a kiss from me :)


frankandmary said...

While I do know some people who have reasons I believe to be OTHER than race why they are not going to vote for Obama, I still believe some people will base it only on race. I was very surprised to hear folks say it would be harder for a woman to be elected than a black man in America.  I have never felt that way, because I see racism(with some, more than enough) very much alive.

It has been very interesting to me that because I  1) voted Republican often in the past  2) believe a lot of people who do not have a job should get a damn job 3) do not favor socialized health care in the manner in which it is being presented based on my health care background 4) believe in economic independence ~ many people think they KNOW me & know how I will feel about Obama, so they say things that they'd not ordinarily say to someone who doesn't believe like they THINK I believe.  And many of the comments have been thinly veiled racism.  How that is supposed to = what I believe I am not sure, but they are very much off the mark. ~Mary

aimer said...

I agree, the speech was indeed quite fine. As for all the folks who insist that their reasons for not supporting Obama are along the lines of, "I don't trust him, I don't know what he stands for, He's a Muslim, He won't wear a flag pin etc.," I think that you've pegged them just right--the issue is race.--Sheria

luvrte66 said...

Hi Jim, thanks for stopping by my journal and leaving a comment.

I agree...McCain's choice of Palin was nothing more than throwing a bone to religious conservatives.

I'm picturing Dr. Evil right now..."Throw me a bone, people!"

All my best,