15 October 2008

Holy Schnikies

Yes, I'm watching the debate (I've done such a good job at avoiding politics here lately, just because the process has been going on for what seems like forever), and I actually feel sorry for John McCain. He reminds me of the kid in school who blew his top every time he was teased and thus was teased all the time because everyone knew they could get a rise out of him.

Why would anyone want this man to be President of the United States? Red, blue, democrat, republican...this dude is (Mel Brooks shout out here) "N-V-T-S."

And who the hell is Joe the Plumber?


Beth said...

I feel like I should know the NVTS reference, but it's escaping me at the moment.

I missed the whole Joe the Plumber thing, too! I've been paying a lot of attention to this whole thing, and this was the first I've heard about Joe the Plumber. I've heard about his cousin, Joe Sixpack, though!

I don't feel sorry for McCain AT ALL. He's gotten his sorry self into this sorry mess, and unlike some, I also don't feel sorry for Palin, because she had the hubris and ego to think that she was capable of this job when she is obviously woefully inadequate.

No mercy, no quarter, no apologies.

They're toast.


Rose said...

The whole thing makes me want to throw up! I am truly sick of the whole mess. Neither candidate is qualified as far as I am concerned. Anyone from Illinois knows why Obama is not ready to be president. Sorry I don't normal like to do politics but you asked for it!! rose

a corgi said...

Joe the Plumber is someone that Barack Obama talked to at one of his rallies; Joe the Plumber asked him specifically what his tax plan would do to him, Joe the Plumber, a small business owner


Remo said...

I like Obama supporters. They come in handy when I need money. They give it away like it doesn't belong to them.