06 April 2009

I will not be sucked in

I caught most of the Cubs' opening day 4-2 win over Houston, and they looked really good. I know it's just one game of 162, but it's always a pleasure to watch a well-played game of baseball.

They are stacked again this year, and might even be better than they were last year, when they won 97 games.

And I will not be sucked in!

I mean it. I had an epiphany last October, when the Cubs fall flat on their collective butts and didn't even win a freakin' playoff game.

For me, the Cubs might as well be playing English Premier League Soccer.

The EPL plays a full regular season, and nothing else. The champion is whoever does the best during the season-there are no playoffs.

It's a perfect setup.

The Cubs play in the National League Central along with Houston, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and Milwaukee, and they are demonstrably better than those five other teams. There's no reason why they shouldn't win the division by a wide margin.


Playoffs? What playoffs?

(*I reserve the right to come back here in October and delete this post if...ah, never mind)

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Beth said...

[chuckling] I feel your pain, and I like your logic.