02 September 2010

Six pounds later...

We're alive. The baby was born on August 12th at 8:55 AM, and we named him Evan. He's thriving. Big Brother Desmond is thriving. And we are tired. Really, really tired.

Did I mention that we are tired?

No complaints though. The surreal feeling that comes with doubling the number of kids in our house has finally worn off, and I no longer anticipate the knock at the door that brings an official-looking person who tells us that this is all a mistake, that this child is not ours. Parenthood 2.0 has officially left the beta stage.

Every single time in the last three weeks, when I have tried to write here, Evan wakes up. It just happened again two minutes ago. As I took him upstairs to Kristen for a feeding I told myself to come back and at least write something.


More later. Promise. There's a lot to say about this new kid.


Anonymous said...

Yippppeee. You were such a great dad the first time around.

Encore. ~Mary

Beth said...

Congratulations! Glad all are healthy and happy (despite being tired)!

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Congrats, it is a great thing.

blog said...

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