04 June 2004

A few quick thoughts

1. Big surprise, George Tenet has resigned as head of the CIA.  I half expect GW to put his daddy back in control of the department he headed back in the 70's.  Why would anyone want this job, especially in today's world?  Let's give it to William Hung.  Someone please make him go away.

2. I'm being pre-emptive and have decided to start building an ark.  I've never seen more rain than we've got here in Chicago this past month, and I was out of town for the worst of it.  I will start collecting animals shortly.

3. Cubs play Pittsburgh three times this weekend, and I'm banking that at least five Cub batters will be hit by pitches in retaliation for last weekend in Pittsburgh, when Cub pitchers hit ten Pirate batters in four games.  Then it's four with the Cardinals in Chicago.  It would be nice to see the boys go 6-1 over the next week.  Realistically, I hope for 5-2 but expect 4-3 or even 3-4.  The magic still isn't there.  I'm not hyperventilating yet.

4. My writing has been crap lately.  There is something going on inside my head that is affecting my desire to update this, not that I have lost the drive, but that I have no idea to adequately express what I am feeling lately.  This is why you get a poor attempt at a "bullet points" entry.  I don't have the attention span to write about anything meaningful at the moment except when prompted to write about something specific (see previous entry).  I know what the issue is, and it is going to come to a front very soon, and I am sure that the resolution will result in a torrent of entries.  In fact, I can just about guarantee it.

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