01 October 2005

Mozart six

Before I answer this week's questions, I want to say thank you to Patrick for coming up with them every week.  It gives me ideas of what to write about, and Lord knows I always need those. 

1. How many AOL J-landers have you actually met in person?  None, though his eminence John Scalzi is currently at a book convention about a mile from my house.

2. How many photos that you have taken yourself are hanging on display in your home in a size of 8x10 or larger?  (The print, not the frame!) None.  I sense a pattern to this week's responses.

3. How far do you live from your job? What job?  I go to school instead.  I live about ten miles from campus What is your commute time like? I drive fifteen minutes to the train and then spend 30 minutes on said train. Has the distance prompted you to consider alternative transportation because of gas prices? Gas prices are only the thrid biggest reason I don't drive.  First is how much it would cost me to park downtown (truly obnoxious-probably $30 for two hours), and second is traffic.  I'd have to leave an hour earlier than I already do if I drove.

4. Take this
quiz:   What decade does your personality live in?  1980's, which I suppose is not a surprise because I was 13-22 during that time, and that is when the base of my personality formed.  Just don't make me go back to my hair, please.  Or the first car I drove.

Kris:  What is the funniest, most original Halloween costume you've ever seen?  One year afriend of mine dressed in gray sweat pants and shirt, put a big piece of cardboard shaped like a table on his head, and went as a piece of gum stuck under a table. 

Courtenay: What is your favorite paragraph in a literary work?  This might be a thought, or a message, or a descriptive passage which has remained in your consciousness throughout the years.  Be sure to post the name of the book and author.  The last line of "The Sun Also Rises" by Ernest Hemingway.

"Yes, isn't it pretty to think so?"


onemoretina said...

   Wowee .... we were nose to nose on our entry time !  By the way, brilliant costume idea your friend had.  Would love to have seen that one.   Tina http://journals.aol.com/onemoretina/Ridealongwithme

jevanslink said...

Ha -- I'm not too far from Scalzi myself.  We should surprise him and get a free book or something.  Mrs. L