05 September 2006

Three hundred twelve false alerts later . . .

So if I am going to keep placing videos in my entries, I'd better figure out how to do it right every time.  I swear it took my seven hours to do this.  Remind me again why I wasn't born in the 19th Century.

Anyway, bummer about Steve Irwin.  If it weren't for him, my Aussie accent wouldn't be 1/10th what it is today.  As far as I am concerned, he belongs in the pop culture hall of fame if for no reason other than he made the funniest ESPN SportsCenter commercial ever.

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jevanslink said...

You weren't born in the nineteenth century because they wanted someone around when the Cubs finally won the pennant again.  You'll have to live to 125, but if anyone can do it, you can.  

Great commercial.  All the ESPN spots make me laugh.  

Mrs. L