30 December 2006

The Soundtrack (?) of my Life

I usually ignore stuff like this, but a friend sent it to me and it gives me an excuse to listen to my new Ipod dock.  And write something.  The 'pod is on random, and these are the first 17 songs that come up:

Opening Credits:
Won't Get Fooled Again-The Who  This would seem to imply that I've been this way at least once before, or maybe in a previous life I was David Caruso.  "What we do know, is that I was once a cow, and it's time to slaughter the butcher."

Waking Up:
Shiny Happy People-REM  This could not be more wrong, unless the next line is "that I've shot because I hate people in the morning." 

First Day At School:
Picnic-Sideways movie soundtrack  "Wine Safari" from this movie would have been a better choice, as I frequently felt like I wandered while walking to school for ten years (except I never drank any wine en route).

Falling In Love:
Fade Into You-Mazzy Star  Gag.  Let's just move on. 

Fight Song:
South Central Rain-REM  Does the fact that Michael Stipe whines "I'm Sorry" five billion times in this song mean I am a wuss?

Breaking Up:
Down to the River to Pray-Allison Krauss/O Brother Wher Art Thou soundtrack  I don't think I've ever broke up with anyone, and if I had, I don't think I would have felt the urge to go down to the river.  Unless it was to live in a van.

In the Evening-Led Zeppelin  Went to two proms, and they were both in the evening.  OOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Boy in the Bubble-Paul Simon  Perfect, until five or so years ago.

Mental Breakdown:
Are You Some Kind of Hypnotist?-The Flaming Lips  Well, are you?  I can't think of anything else to say.  These walls sure are pretty!

Some Might Say-Oasis  This is indeed one of my all time favorite driving songs.

All She Wants to Do is Dance-Don Henley  No literal connection here, though this song was playing at an exact pointin time circa 1985 that I would like to forget about completely, and no, I am not elaborating.  I saw the video for this song on "The Tube" this morning and now I have been reminded of this incident twice in ten hours.  I shall now scrub my hippocampus with a brillo pad.

Reelin' in the Years-Steely Dan  You've been telling me that you're a genius since you were seventeen.  After all this time I still don't know what you mean!

Birth of Child:
Signs of Love-Moby  Considering the refrain of this song is "I fly so high, then fall so low" I am led to believe that when we do have a child, he/she will either be born on an airplane or will be a complete hellion.

Final Battle:
Marble Halls-Enya  Does this mean that I am to die amongst that hallowed fields of Ireland?  Or do I trip in a hallway strewn with many marbles?

Death Scene:
Crazy Love-Paul Simon  This makes absolutely no sense.  There's nothing in the song about death.  If I were to die to this song, people would come to my grave and mock me endlessly.  "Nice death scene, Shakespeare."

Funeral Song:
Across the River-Bruce Hornsby  Fun.  Apparently I can make my reservation to go across the Styx.  Like I will sleep tonight.  Charon-party of one?

End Credit:
Just a Job to Do-Genesis  That's it?  And lo the irony of having a life end with a song from the band named after the book of the Bible that covers creation.  That'll learn me.

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