17 January 2007

Hey look, it's working

I am entirely too dependent upon technology.  It's been almost three weeks since I've written anything here and, not coincidentally, that was the last day that my laptop decided to recognize the wireless signal in our home.  I've been trying to figure it out ever since with no success, despite the many, many, many, many attempts of myself and my brother, who thinks I am Typhoid Mary when it comes to electronics.

Yesterday it all came back.  I did nothing.  It just decided to work again.  So here I am.  There's been a lot in the last seventeen days that I would have written about if I weren't fighting the urge to chuck an Inspiron out the window.  I give an abbreviated version here:

1. I have a brand new niece, born a week ago Monday, and dammit, she's just about the cutest thing on the Earth right now.  She was breaking hearts already in the nursery I bet.  Get used to it boys.

2. Where the hell is winter?  We finished a Seattle-like run recently, forty degrees an dreary every single day for ten days, which is what winter in Chicago is becoming.  But global warming is a myth!  It's cold now, but we've become such wuss-bags here that everyone freaks out when it gets down to 20, which is what it is now.  I'm actually a little jealous of the folks in Denver with all the snow they've had this year.  It's snowed twice here this winter.  Twice.  And the last one was a dusting of an inch or so after a steady rain that would have been ten inches had it been five degrees colder.  Rain in January is torture.  Spring better be here by Valentine's Day.

3. On a related note, we were in Kansas City this past weekend, where it was colder, snowier and icier than it was here, and you would have thought that the world was coming to an end with the way the people there were reacting.  Did I just see a snowflake?  RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!  Look, sleet!  Where's my "The World Is Coming to an End" sandwich board?  We were in the main shopping district Saturday night (The Plaza), the busiest part of town, and the streets were empty.  We tried to go into a Barnes and Noble but it was closed.  According to the sign, they had closer early "for the safety of our booksellers."  It was 20 degress with an inch of snow on the ground.

4. I have little to say about our Worst. President. Ever. and his new idea to send more troops to get killed in Iraq.  I did not watch the Worst. President. Ever. give his speech last week.  I can't watch him anymore, so I wait until transcripts are posted and read them instead.  He's doing the wrong thing again, surprise, and I love those who scream that at least it's a plan, like you have to do something instead of nothing.  And then there are those who blame it all on the Democrats (big surprise here) and conveniently forgot about the ever-increasing numbers of those in the GOP who think our Worst. President. Ever. is crazy.  Remember folks, no matter what anyone else says, nobody puts American troops in more harm than our Worst. President. Ever.  Enjoy the ride down, W.

5. Am I supposed to be happy that Saddam Hussein is dead?  WOO HOO!  There's some vengeance for ya!  YEEHAW!  I don' get how people can be so hell bent on capital punishment.  Which do you think Hussein preferred-the gallows, or a six-by-six hole in the ground where people were welcome to come toss anything at him that they wanted?  I remember thinking that when I visitied the memorial in Oklahoma City that instead of executing Timothy McVeigh that they should have imprisoned him at one end, in a small plexiglass cell with nothing, no bed, plumbing, light etc. and just let him suffer the humiliation of people taunting him for the rest of his days.  Faced with the choice of death or perpetual imprisonent in a small cement cell with no privileges I'd be cheering on the lethal injection machine big time.  And I didn't even touch on the Saddm-as-martyr issue...

6. Bears vs. Saints this Sunday, winner goes to the Super Bowl.  Lived in Chicago all my life.  No one was happier to see the Bears win Super Bowl XX than me, and this Sunday I root for...the Saints.  They've suffered more, and I'm not talking about anything related to Katrina.  The Saints are about the worst franchise in the history of the NFL, yet they have had a rabid, loyal fanbase forever.  Plus, I have to admit that I completely enjoy the devastation of the morons who paint their faces and show up to Soldier Filed with their shirts off on a thirty degree day.  Watch a ten o'clock newscast on a game day here and you will know exactly what I am talking about.  Saints 24 Bears 20.  And if I'm wrong I get to watch my hometown team in the Super Bowl.  It's a win-win.

7. Barack Obama is making a huge mistake.  He should wait at least four years to run for president.  His term as a senator expires in 2010, which is also the next gubernatorial election in Illinois.  We'll all be hankering for a new governor by then, and he should run.  Governors win presidential elections these days.  He could run in 2012 if the GOP keeps the presidency or wait until 2016 if the Democrats get the White House back in 2008.  For the life of me, I don't know why anyone would want to follow our Worst. President. Ever. into the White House.  That will be the equivalent of cleaning ten million port-a-johns at a metamucil festival.

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