08 March 2007

Random 11 early

Tomorrow, my two favorite words in the world, at least when used together:


Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico in ten days. And this time I am bringing my wife. This will either be the greatest RT ever or, well let's not even think about it...

(Remember, this is a blatant rip-off from here)

1. "Kiss That Frog"-Peter Gabriel. As songs about fairy tales go this one is pretty good. I could go for another PG live show again before I die. Last one I saw was in '94 and led to one of the more over used lines of my life that I have neither the nerve nor the temerity to reproduce here.

2. "Arc of a Diver"-Steve Winwood. This man got me through the bizarre first two weeks of my freshman year of college so I will always have a spot for him on any random list. The experience takes way too long to tell so here's a snippet: I was the most athletic person on the entire floor of the dorm I lived on, and it wasn't even close. I am not athletic.

3. "Excitable Boy"-Warren Zevon. I think this was the first song I ever heard on the radio that made me think "Hmm, I might get in trouble for listening to this if Mom walks in." But what this song reminds me of is zooming through the Sierra Nevadas on I-80 on a Sunday afternoon in June. This song came on just at a point where I felt like I was driving on top of the world. Anytime I go over a speed limit I think of this song.

4. "Where It's At"-Beck. It blows me away that this is only the fourth best song on "Odelay", which is probably the greatest album of all-time.

5. "Elevation"-U2. You know what I hate about this song? How Bono absolutely ruins Edge's awesome guitar riff at the beginning with his repeated "Woo Hoo"'s. It's always all about him isn't it?

6. "Minutes to Memories"-John $ellin'camp. Still haven't purged his stuff from the 'pod.

7. "Handle With Care"-The Traveling Wilburys. How can I be forced to live in a world where this group can never record again? "I'm so tired of bein' lonely, I still have some love to give..." Too bad there is no falsetto font.

8. "ROCK in the USA"-John $ellin'camp. I don't believe this.

9. "A Sort of Homecoming"-U2. And in the flip-flopper files go this: I love it when Bono screams halfway through this song, like he's trying to puke up a Volvo.

10. "Heartbeat City"-The Cars. I'll never understand why their music wasn't more popular with the ladies. I suppose it could have been me...

11. "Breath After Breath"-Duran Duran. And we end with a song that reminds me (n Portuguese, no less) of one of the more painful times of my life. I guess it's no fun to read this stuff unless I go into detail huh?

And so to the road!

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