25 January 2009

The aroma of sleep

I wasn't feeling all that well late this afternoon (Desmond has an ear infection and I think I was having some sympathy pangs) so I went upstairs for a nap. I dreamed that my father was remodeling our family room from way back in the late 70s, and I also dreamed that my wife and I were being tormented by Christmas carolers.

Both dreams had heavy themes of garlic. In the redecorating dream my father complained that the wall paper he was removing smelled so much of garlic he was concerned that its scent would always be in the room. And in the caroling dream we talked about running away from the carolers because they reeked of garlic.

Bizarre. But not as bizarre as waking up and smelling garlic, as my wife was cooking a chicken garlic pizza in the oven, and the aroma was all over the place.


Beth said...

Garlic isn't a nightmare, it's a pleasant dream. Yummm.

Keeps all those damn vampires away, too.

Anonymous said...

Maybe all the garlic was to frighten away the tormenting Christmas Carolers? It does work with Vampires. I love having dreams about my dad, and then waking up to a garlicy(which I love) dinner(actually that part wouldn't happen unless Briege learned to cook). Perfect.
I hope Desmond is feeling much better today. I'd have sympathy pains if I were you too.