11 January 2009

You thought you might be a ghost

As it turns out, moving in late December might not be the best idea ever conceived. Especially when the coldest weather of the year arrives about three hours before the movers do. Especially when you think that you can have a first birthday party for your son five days after moving into the new house. Especially when you relaize that yes, indeed, you have too much stuff.

Moving sucks. Yes, I know people are losing their jobs, homes and other stuff, and in the grand scheme buying a home is pretty special, but moving still sucks. It's been three weeks, and I finally feel like things are somewhat "normal."

Don't ask me what normal is. I don't know.

Desmond turned one year old on the Sunday before Christmas, and while there were boxes and piles all over our home-for-one-more-day, it was a special day. He was born at 8 PM, and I wasn't able to sit and hold him until almost noon the next day. Now, it is almost impossible to get him to sit still for more than a few seconds, but on his birthday I somehow coaxed him to sit on my lap until he fell asleep, and he took a peaceful one-hour nap. For that entire time I stared at him and tried to recall all the moments of his first year.

I am amazed that I have a one-year old son. I am amazed at the things that he does (which yet to include walking, and there's no rush), the things that he says (which yet to include "da-da", and there's no rush, though I would note that he has been saying "ma-ma" for the last sixty days or so. There is nothing quite like a mom, is there?), and everything else in his existence. I still can't quite believe that he is ours, and that he will always be ours.

Kristen has done a wonderful job posting pictures of Desmond so that our family that live outisde of Chicago can see how he has changed, and now that he is a year, I'm feeling generous, so take a gander at the boy if you so desire. No pressure.

I'm hoping to get into the habit of posting more and keeping up with those whose writing I enjoy so much. My Google reader yesterday hit 95, so I have some catching up to do.


Beth said...

Checked out the pics--holy moley, Des is the spitting image of you!

We just attended my great-nephew's first birthday party. I remember when he was just a few days old...now he's got so much personality. They really do grow so quickly.

I hope you get settled in soon. And you're right: moving sucks.

All my best,

Rose said...

before you know it the kid will be driving...trust me on this one! YOu poor guy moving in this weather!!!

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe it has been a year, but then I am sure you will be thinking you can't believe it has been 10 years soon.....it seems to go that fast sometimes. I have a feeling you are taking the time to really enjoy him though.