13 August 2004

It's wet here folks, now back to you

I know I need to write about my trip to Europe, but since I came back late Sunday, I've been busy trying to catch up on things I should have done before I left, and immersed in new projects that need to be done.  I'll get to it eventually when I can sit down uninterrupted.  It was a great journey.

I'm taking a break from painting at the moment, and the first thing I see on CNN is some drenched reporter standing on a beach in southwest Florida as Hurricane Charley blows in.  Two questions: am I getting better coverage of this storm because someone is actually standing out there in the middle of it?  I keep waiting to see a 2x4 blow by and smack the poor guy in the head.  And what's with the funky spelling of the storm itself?  I don't know many people named Charlie, and I don't know anyone that spells it with a "y" instead of "ie" on the end.  They spelled Bonnie, the storm before this, correctly.

I have always wanted a tropical storm/hurricane to be named "Jim", though I figure that they would go with "James" instead.  Alas, it can't happen this year, because J falls into the female name category for 2004.  G does not, however, so perhaps the fine folks at the National Hurricane Society can christen the seventh storm of this year "Gym."

It would mean so much, fellas.

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ginskia said...

Hi Jim,

The hurricane then went to Myrtle Beach where my parents live.  Wasen't it something how it boomeranged around into the ocean and back?  I also wondered about the spelling of Charlie (Charley) in this.  Yes, they have yet to name a hurricane Jim or James.  My turn is over since the 70s when there was hurricane Anita.  I don't know if you remember that since you probably didn't know any Anitas.

:)  Anita