10 August 2004


Having just now regained my sense of smell after nine days in places that are actually having a summer but don't believe in air-conditioning, I am full of things to say.  However, my body still thinks that it is almost sunrise and I need to get to bed, so I will only tease for now:

Alan Keyes?  Could this story get any better?


I really, really want to know what a "public muster point" is.

Buckingham Palace is more like a fort.

The British need to start pampering themselves.  The Second World War ended a long time ago, baby.

Seven years of Espanol finally pay off.

'Tis good to be home.

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ginskia said...

Hi Jim,

Welcome Back!!!!  We all missed you and we are glad you are back.  I have always wanted to see Europe myself.  Never thought they don't know what air conditioning is ?????  Your body will soon adjust to time changes and the biorithyms (sp).  Was this a business trip?  Do you have any pictures to share with us?

See Ya,
:)  Anita