20 August 2004

Warning: blatant self-promotion

It's been one full year since AOL introduced its journals, though mine has only been around for seven months. 

What's my favorite entry?  Good question (gotta follow the link, folks, I just can't put it out there...); I am tempted to say that I can't choose just one, but there are times in life when you have to color inside the lines, so I will do my best.  I will, however, take the opportunity to break it down into categories before I choose "just one."

Travel: my dip in the San Antonio Riverwalk

Sports: dealing with cell phones at Wrigley Field (most of this entry appeared in the Chicago Tribune a week or so after I wrote it, though they cut the pudding-cam reference)

Politics: what those helicopters meant

Family: thoughts about February 7 and June 8

In my eyes, those are all well-written pieces, times that I have found perfect ways to convey what I feel.  It's something that I struggle with every time I try to update this.  However, I can't say that any of those entries are my favorite.  Nope, just some blatant self-promotion, really.

My all time favorite entry is about two cups of coffee

And it was not that difficult a choice.

Last week, we were supposed to share what we thought was our favorite entry from someone else's journal, and I chose not to participate, because I could not see myself singling out just one.  I get an incredible amount of pleasure reading the journals of others, especially the ones that I have listed on the left side of the front page of my journal (though there are many, many more).  It's hard to put yourself out there and let others see you in this context.  Everyone who does this deserves credit for taking that chance.


donah42 said...

That is a great story. It always amazes me how love finds you when you least expect or need it. I was totally cool with my singlehood too, then I met my hubby :)
I still LOVE the helicopter story though---classic!

ginskia said...

Hi Jim,

I am sorry about your father passing on.  I see that you have all good memories and will cherish them.

I read the entry about the Sunday paper and meeting your fiance.  I think it is beautiful how the two of you got together and now will stay together.  It is interesting that here you talked to a reporter about being determined to stay simgle and you end up getting a life partner from that.  I see what the real motive of the reporter was and it was meant to be.

You will have to show us the article just as a milestone.