08 March 2005

Because I can't sleep

1. What is your favorite color for an automobile?  Is your car this color?  Probably titanium silver.  My current car is black.  The car before it was silver.

2. You decide to start a diet on Monday.  What is the "bad food" meal that you must have "one last time" over the weekend? My mother makes a wicked meatloaf.

3. How do you balance your checkbook?  In your head, with a calculator, or with software? In my head, in my heeeeaaaad, zombie, zombie...

4. How many of the Oscar® winner movies did you see before the awards this year? "Sideways" and "Ray"
5. In what room of the house do you find yourself the most comfortable and why? Wherever there is a big, comfortable chair.  I love to sit in them and read.

Scott:  What is the "one thing" that the mere mention of sends shivers down your spine? Anything about high school.  I hated it.  Rent the movie "Heathers."  That was my high school.

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