11 March 2005

Can't think of a title

It was just your typical mundane, late evening trip to the grocery store to get a gallon of milk for the morning.

But while wandering through the produce, I heard a song begin over the satellite music, the same system that I suffered through for a decade when I worked for this chain.

I immediately perked up, and my steps grew swifter.  And then I realized it was the long version.

They never played even the short version when I was there.

Would it have killed them to play the theme from "Miami Vice" every once in a while?

I certainly would have gotten a lot more work done.


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donah42 said...

I used to watch Miami Vice religiously:) I remember in one episode they featured the Dire Straits song "Brothers in Arms" & I've loved it ever since. Yeah, I'm stuck in the 80's:)