17 July 2006

Ah, summer

Yes, that's right, I am going to blame my extended hiatus on summer.  With as busy as the warmest season of the year keeps me, I simply don't have time to write.

Yep, that's my story, and I'm sticking (HA!  It's a pun!) to it.  As far as excuses go, it makes for a much shorter read.

Anyway, its hot in Chicago.  That happens in July sometimes, though if an alien happened to catch one of the local newscasts when it gets above 90 degrees he'd (or she'd-why isn't there a singular, unisex pronoun dammit?) think we were made of ice cream or something.  The media here gets hysterical about hot weather.  The Middle East is exploding into war, but if you want to see that on the news here, you have to wade through ten minutes of man on the street interviews at the beach and endless shots of open fire hydrants.

I'd tell everyone to get a grip, but their hands are much too sweaty.

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