25 November 2005

And now I'm off

So there I go.  I'm off across the pond, at least virtually, to the land of haggis, kidney pie, and Tony Blair:


Yes, you'll now find me in the land of Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, and Kew Gardens.  But no ads across the top of my journal, at least for now.  When they finally desecrate the UK journals like the have in the states, then I'll be off again, to who knows where.

It will take me some time before I get used to dropping the "h" when it's at the beginning of the word, to say "bollox" instead of "%&#@, and measuring distance in meters instead of yards.  Please, no comments on the occasional extra "u" in words.  I have to adhere to certain flavours now, you see.

Come 'round for a pint sometime.  The Guinness is fresh over here.

What took me so long?

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