11 November 2005

So many links, so little time...

File this one under "I guess they'll let anybody do this..."

Yes, I have the honor of being this week's Guest Editor. 
Direct any and all complaints to Joe, who I'm sure is starting to regret reading my email right about now.  Nah, not yet.  Joe rocks, and I thank him for giving me this opportunity.

A little about myself: well, there's the picture of me, which you can see on the
journals page.  I refuse to put it here because 1) I don't know how to do it (and yes, I realize there are about a billion instructional entries out there on how to do it, but welcome to my world, where things like that don't work, ever) and 2) I certainly don't want to look at it all the time.  I'm 38 and I live in Park Ridge, Illinois which is about ten miles or so northwest of downtown Chicago.  If you've ever flown into O'Hare Airport there's a decent chance you've gone right over Park Ridge.  I'm a graduate student, going for my MFA (decipher that if you dare...) in creative writing at Roosevelt University in the loop.  A quick synopsis of the last decade or so of my life:  Boy graduates from college and embarks on career in retail management because it's the only thing he knows; Boy sleepwalks through most of the 1990's while working in some truly unique neighborhoods in the city; looking back, Boy regrets not having blog back then, because it would have some interesting tales in it;  Boy has "epiphany" in 2002 (or you could call it an extremely early mid-life crisis), chucks career out window, sells house, and decides to travel until either he gets tired of it or the money runs out; Boy spends next two years visiting 45 states and five countries; Boy decides he can write for a career and goes back to school.  This is where the story ends.

Well, except for the most important part, which is Boy meets the Girl and gets married.  Kristen and I took the plunge back in April of this year.  I can split my life into two parts: before I met her and after (April 12, 2003).  If I hadn't met her, I'd probably be in the middle of the Pacific trying to canoe myself around the world or something.  She's the best thing that has ever happened to me, and it isn't even close.

OK, I'm getting off topic.  On to my picks:

Francesco's Life:  I can't remember how I came across this journal, but I remember wishing I had a long time ago.  I'm a sucker for stories abut fathers and sons/daughters, and Mary does it better than anyone I know.  If you stopped reading this entry and spent the rest of the day over there, I'd understand.  In fact, I kind of expect it.

Midlife Matters:  As I said before, I don't include pictures in my journal.  Fortunately, there's a virtual bevy of places in J-land that do, and this is one of the best.  Take a look at the ladybug photo from November 3 and make a list of the one thousand words.  And if that's not enough, the writing is pretty magnificent as well.

The Wizard of Ahs:  Bruce won a VIVI last week for "Best Political Journal", but that's not why I am including him on this list.  Sometimes you read a person's words, and you understand that he or she has "it," a certain perspective on the way the world works that makes more sense than most everyone else.  Bruce definitely has "it."  My only wish is that his VIVI inspires him to write more!

My last three picks go outside the realm of J-land, and I'll explain why when I'm finished:

Josh Reads the Comics:  At the age of 38, I still am the type of person that has to read the comics before any other part of the newspaper.  I got that from my father, who used to drive me nuts on Sunday with his methodical reading of the Tribune comics section.  Anyway, Josh has an opinion on just about every comic out there, and he's hysterical.

Blog of a Bookslut:  Hey, hey, hey--its not what you think.  Step away from the TOS key please.  I love books, and I love writing.  Bookslut is like a bible for me, and Jessa's blog is the best part of it.  If after reading a week's worth of entries you don't have at least three additions to your reading list, you're not paying close enough attention.  I have decided that my life will not be complete until I am somehow mentioned in the bookslut blog.

Change of Subject: We have two papers in Chicago: the Tribune and the Sun-Times.  I've always been a Tribune person.  My favorite Tribune columnist is Eric Zorn, who writes about anything.  He's also been writing this blog for the past two years, and while some of it focuses on Chicago, there's enough of the other stuff in it that it doesn't matter where you read it from.  I'm not sure if his blog falls under the Trib's registration process.  If it does, well, have you met Bug Me Not?

So there's my list.  The reason I went outside J-land for half of it is because most of the folks that I read here are already very well known.  People like Jennifer, Albert and Mrs. L.  Armand, Remo and CandaceTara, Patrick and Cynthia.  Private folks like Amy and Paul.  Every single one of them deserves the following that they have created, as they are writers with exceptional talent.  And I know I have missed many, many others.

(Like my compadres in the "Best Kept Secret" category:
Penny, Gigi, Nelle, Dawn and Jessica; I don't think any of us are a "secret" anymore.)

In January I will have been doing this for two years.  Simply put, I would not be where I am in my life right now without this.  It's given me the inspiration, and most importantly, the courage, to do what I believe I was born to do: write.  The best thing about it has been the discovery of the writing and creativity that is out there, the people who make up this part of the blogosphere.  I am continually blown away by the words and pictures that I see on my daily strolls through journals.

It has been and will continue to be such a pleasure.


xzasporated1 said...

YAY for YOU!!  Guest editor-in-chief!!  And I love your three AOL picks (especially Mary!!)  The others I'll have to check out.

And I thank you for the mention, Mr. Not-So-Secret Anymore!  :D

~~ jennifer

oceanmrc said...

Wow.  That's literally one of the two or three nicest things I've heard in weeks.  (One of the others is the Laura Nyro lyrics added by a mutual friend to a comment on my last entry.)  Thank you so very much.  But -- what 1000 words?????

lv2trnscrb said...

congrats on being guest editor this week; looking forward to checking out your picks.


brandilynneliz said...

Congrats on being Editor! I see you picked some that I already know. ; )

Which means you have great taste and I need to go check out the rest.


alphawoman1 said...

You have some great picks here. I love Midlife Matters! Glad to see her on the big screen! And ever since Francesco's life was pointed out to me I have been a regular reader also. Mary is a terrific writer.

spunkyxmasangel said...

Congrats on being an AOL editor. -Dawn-

onemoretina said...

Congrats to you !  Enjoy your week of fame !  Tina http://journals.aol.com/onemoretina/Ridealongwithme

nicurnmama said...

congratulations, Jim! Enjoy your week. Take good care of the crown and sceptor.

anarchitek said...

Thank you for your kind words!  I am flattered by your description, although I've never considered that I had "it", even if I've been described as thinking I am "it", but I am quite pleased with the possibility I might have a clue what "it" is!   I try to write so that I would want to read it, and do my best not to repeat myself too often.  It is a challenge, and sometimes I have to put things aside until they gel.  Then sometimes the words come in torrents, so fast it's hard to capture them in the right order, faster than my pencil can write them down--or my fingers can type the letters, nevemind the typos.  I'll try to up the pace a little, but I have always preferred for something to be finished, rather than done.  Bruce  

sieblonde said...

Congrats.  It's always nice to be introduced to some more journals here and I'm looking forward to checking them out.  ~Sie  http://journals.aol.com/sieblonde/Pfft

jouell3935 said...

Congratulations......LOVE the diversity of your picks! I have been reading Bruce oh wow, like forever! Mary's is just absolutely touching...I look forward to going beyond the little neighborhood too!
Enjoy your reign! And ummm, nope not so secret anymore!!!



terra19728 said...

You took my crown dude!  Just kidding your picks are great.  I almost picked Francesco's Life I love that journal.  Anyway congrats and all that good stuff!

Oh and you have a great journal here.


rjet33 said...

Congrats on getting picked as guest editor of the week.  I love Mary's journal, Francesco's Life.  She does a wonderful job with it.  Great pick!!!!!  I have heard about Bruce's journal, but have not had the pleasure of checking it out yet, but hope to make it soon.  I spend way to much time in J-Land when I should be doing other things.  It is VERY addicting.  I have five journals total, lol.  Guess I have a lot to say, hee hee!


is my everyday journal.


are beautiful photos I have taken, most while I lived in Colorado.


is about living with a mentally ill sibling.


is about my pets.


is a private journal.  I will add people as they request it. :)

gdireneoe said...

Hi, nice to meet you.  Congrats!  I have seen your name tossed about here and there.  Good reads. ;)  C.  http://journals.aol.com/gdireneoe/thedailies

bluwave9 said...

Congratulations on being this week's Guest Editor!  I look forward to reading your journal selections.  

jckfrstross said...



shelt28 said...

Great Picks. Keep up the good work!


lordofbutter said...

Francesco's life is the best.

Congrats on now being in charge of the crown and sceptre. Rule Journal Land well.


bosoxblue6993w said...

stupendous picks!

easuess said...

Fabulous picks (I am very partial to Francesco's Life myself). Congrats on being Guest Editor.


aljes12 said...

Thank you SO much for choosing my journal as one of your picks, it means a lot to me that people read and find SOMETHING about it that interests them. I have to say the people and friends I have met and made on here have grown on me and mean a lot to me. I love to express myself and my journal gives me so many avenue's to do so! I also have been able to meet SO many interesting and talented and special people. The journal is a great way to express yourself and to vent and just proves to be a great tool as therepy for one's mind, spirit and soul! Thanks again!

- Jessica

blondepennierae said...

You are one very intelligent man.  You chose three of my favorite AOL blogs.  they are fantastic reading!  Pennie

jevanslink said...

Hey, great choices.  And thanks for the mention.  Mrs. L

gabreaelinfo said...

Dancing is forbidden? Bah! Humbug!



belfastcowboy75 said...

Hey boyo, wasn't it one of your life's ambitions to get 20 comments on an entry? You can die happy now. I'll look after Kristen for you.

lamove04 said...

:-) :-) :-)  Congrats on your Editor shift!  And your list of J-Land faves makes me smile, I feel honored to be among the great journal writers you mention.

And taking on Armand too?  Wow, I need to get back in the habit of coming here for a visit...!  --Albert

lsk49rs said...

congratulations!  I look forward to reading more of your insights, observations and adventures!  You will not have any complaints forwarded from the Catholic Kid in Modesto!  Good work!


Leslie K.
Central Valley Sobriety Princess

chatzeekay said...

I can not save my entries after writing in my journal would you knwo how to fix it i ma on a search to fix it its driving me carzy/ I can only post through Im email me if you know.