15 November 2005

I will (not) go quietly

Every once in a while, I have a day where I am busy enough that I am not able to get on to the Internet until evening.  Today was one of those days.

Inbox:  50+ pieces of new mail.  Most were alerts for new journal entries.  Wow, people are feeling prolific today.  I start checking them out.  I see the same thing, over and over and over again.  Anger.  Lots and lots of anger.

Deserved anger, I will add, and now I will add my anger, too.

AOL decided to place ad banners at the top of everyone's journal, starting today.  There was no warning about this.  File that under " 'tis better to ask forgiveness than for permission."

I'm an idiot-I pay a monthly fee for AOL along with a fee from another ISP for high speed access.  The ONLY reason I haven't fully canceled AOL is because I want to keep this journal going.  When I started it, I was still using AOL for dial-up Internet service.

I don't want advertisements here.  I have devoted entries in the past about how much I hate when a popular song shows up on a TV commercial.  I respect what advertising brings to the consumer world, but I don't want it here.

So, I am not going to stand for it.  This journal will remain silent for the next few days, and if the ads have not disappeared, I will have to go elsewhere.

It's really as simple as that.

AOL boggles my mind.  They are clueless to the fact that a lot of folks have done the same thing I have-needlessly sent them money just so they could keep their journal going.  People are pretty passionate about their journal space, and they feel violated.  There's a ton of anger about this.  I want to believe that they will listen, see that they have made a lot of good people upset, and change it back.

But I'm guessing that in about a week, I'll be back here leaving a link to my new location.

Oh well, at least this didn't happen last week, just before I got the chance to connect with so many new people during my stint as guest editor.  I'll always be grateful for that.

AOL, do the right thing.

Or I'm outta here.


esalansky said...

I only just found your journal, but felt the need to comment. I too, as many others are mad about these banners. We pay for this service, and yet they want to do this? Its crazy. I have had 4 journals I read on a regular basis go elsewhere, and mine also has a new home. We should not be subject to this in anyway, they allow aim users to have journals, if they want to plaster banners on someones journal, i say do it to the people who dont pay for it. Oh, and nice journal btw, I will be reading your back entries.

xzasporated1 said...

I hate that this happened during your week.  We must stand up for ourselves.  This time they've gone too far.  I have a new place now.  Still learning the bells and whistles, but so far so good.  There's plenty of spots in the neighborhood.  

~~ jennifer

sammee42 said...

Hey there. I just found your blog, very nice, very interesting. I just wanted to make sure you knew that as long as you have AOL Instant Messenger (free service), you can have an AIM/AOL Blog ... you don't have to pay a monthly fee for AOL. I hope that saves you money! :)


lordofbutter said...

I apologize that this happened on your watch. The crown and sceptre are tarnished. It's truly a sad day for AOL and journal land.

redsneakz said...

You may post comments to

Not that Joe, or anyone else, gives a hairy rat's ass what we have to say.

paultiggy said...

I have left AOL now for three months. I am a member of aim, but that is free ! But i am still able to add to your blog. Vote with your feet. Say goodbye to AOL ! Your only on it for this blog ? With aim i can still im all my old AOL buddy's, So what are you waiting for ? Paul

belfastcowboy75 said...

Ha!!! Jimber, let the record show that YOU were at the helm when all hell broke loose.

candace636 said...

Please let me know your new address when you leave.
My new one is searchingforcandace.blogspot.com

jcgeorgiapeach said...

I'm with you on this one for sure.  ~Peachy