14 November 2005

The one where I pine for the fjords

1. You are invited to spend a night, alone, in a large house that is believed to be haunted.  A close friend of yours whom you trust tells you of his or her own experience, and you have sufficient reason to believe that there may be a genuine haunting going on there.  Without promise of any kind of reward for staying the night, would you agree to do so? Nope.  I have a hard enough time sleeping as it is.  I would consider doing it as part of a group, but only if sufficient amounts of liquor were involved.

2. What do you most enjoy about your job? The fact that I don't have one?  When I did, I think what I enjoyed most was seeing people who normally did not think much of themselves become successful.  I'll change the question to what I most enjoy about grad school, which is sort of my job now.  I love the fact that I have intelligent, thoughtful classmates.  I was worried that I was not going to mix in well with the other people in my classes.

3. Who was the last person you had a conversation with?  What was the main topic of the conversation? My wife and I had our normal Sunday wrap up session a few hours ago, before she went to sleep.  We always talk Sunday night about what is coming up this next week, and anything that went on this past week, and anything else we think we need to talk about.

4. Take this
quiz:   What kind of "smart" are you?  I'm "All Around Smart" but I am "confused as all get out" by this thing.  It says that my intelligence is 20% theoretical and 20% learned.  OK, in theory, and from what I have learned, my intelligence characteristics should add up to 100%, so where is my remaining 60%?  And what categories do they fall into?  Must I assign them myself?  OK,I will.  20% falsified, 20% street, and 20% what I picked up in prison.

5. What was the last food that you totally ruined -- to the point that it was inedible -- when trying to cook?  I don't really attempt to cook anything that can be destroyed.  The last time I remember having to abort a meal was the first time I microwaved soup.  I did not put a cover over the bowl, and it blew up about a minute into the cooking time.  The only way I could have eaten it was by sticking my head in the microwave and licking the sides.  That's the only time I microwaved soup.  It's on the oven or nothing for me now.

6. STRANGELY-OBSCURE QUESTION #1:  If you had to do over again, would you change anything?  Hell yeah!  In many, many ways.  But here's what I consider the top three:  1) I would have been a billion times more aggressive with the ladies during my formative years; 2) I would have gone to college straight out of high school; 3) I would have started writing earlier.

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sangrialel said...

congratulations on being guest editor!  I am enjoying your journal.  lelly