04 August 2006


I can be a bit obsessive about things.  For example, since I have seen trailers for the Oliver Stone World Trade Center film for the last week or so, I can't get Coldplay's "Fix You" out of my head.  The fact that this song plays a prominent part in the trailer makes me not want to see the movie.  To be honest, odds were slim to begin with that I would have seen it; there's no way I will see it now. I have questions: couldn't Stone have used a song I liked?  And why does every third movie released since 2000 have to have a Coldplay song in the trailer?

The obsessive part of this is that I can't get the damn song out of my head, so I wind up thinking about it all the time.  I remember reading an interview not long after their last CD was released, and Chris Martin said that he wrote the song in the aftermath of watching Gwenyth Paltrow deal with the death of her father.  Hmm.  Funny how that goes-you write a song about the grief of your spouse, and it turns out to be an anthem for Nicolas Cage getting pulled out of a huge pile of rubble.  I'm sure Martin visualized that when he wrote it.

A while ago I wrote about how much I hate it when songs are used in commercials, and that, as a rule, the lyrics should have to be changed to fit the product being schleped.  I think the same applies here, and the words to "Fix You" should be amended to reflect the theme of the movie.  I can see all sorts of bad-taste scenarios here, an opportunity to outrage every right-wing pundit by writing a song parody dealing with 9/11.  To wit:

Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you

Actually, those are the real lyrics to the end of the song.  I find the second line particularly interesting.  What is that supposed to mean?  Has Martin been putting phosphorus in Gwen's coffee every morning?  Maybe I was wrong about the whole thing.  Maybe the song in its original form fits in to the theme of 9/11. 

Never mind.  I just hope Ollie's check to Chris doesn't bounce.  It's worth every penny. 

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