07 August 2006


Ah. my two favorite words.  I am sitting in a motel room in Salina, Kansas as I write this, having just driven through one of the more spectacular thunderstorms I have ever witnessed.  I've seen pictures of lightning hitting things, like the Sears Tower, but until tonight, when I saw a radio transmission tower take a direct hit, I never saw lightning strike something live. 

I am slowly making my way out to Los Angeles to visit some old friends.  With not much going on in the homefront, it seemed like a good time to get away.  My wife understands that I have the travel itch and at times I need to scratch it.  I consider myself lucky to have such an understanding soul mate, although she is probably happiest about the fact that I didn't expect her to go with me.  She considers forty-five minutes in the car to be excessive.  Opposites, as they say, attract.



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