15 August 2006

Not optimum blogging conditions

Last Thursday I spent an hour recapping the first few days of my trip, and when I hit "send", it went away.  Twas the only annoying part of the trip so far.  Tonight, I can't get the supposedly complimentary wireless Internet to work, so I am on dial up.  I forgot how slow dial up is.  I am really, really spoiled.

So I have zero patience for anything right now.  As such, I present a brief synopsis of things I have seen and/or experienced since last week:

1. Thousands of lightning strikes.  I am not exaggerating.  For my first trip into the deep desert, I have seen more water here than I have in Chicago this summer.  The monsoons move in from Baja California and soak New Mexico and Arizona.  By far, the lasting image of this trip will be the lightning.

2. Last Thursday, when the news about the uncovered terrorist plot was the top news story all over the world, the LA 11 PM newscast starts off with . . . a car chase.  OJ Simpson was not involved.  Gotta love LA.

3. I saw a scorpion today, no more than six feet from me.  I was in the desert.  It was at home.  I left.

4. I don't get the concept of roadside memorials.  I've seen at least one hundred along the sides of the roads that I have been on.  Do people visit these sites instead of graves?  Not to make light of any tragedy, but what's the point?  It's incredibly distracting to be motoring along a tight curve and then see a huge cross planted just off the road with balloons, stuffed animals, and whatever else people felt necessary to leave there.  Great, someone died here.  I'l put both hands on the wheel.

5. I'm going to the Grand Canyon tomorrow.  I have had about 1000 WOW moments so far.  I expect that to triple (at least) tomorrow.

No spell check.  Hate dial up.

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psychfun said...

Glad you are having soooo much fun. I think the roadside memorials are really not for us...maybe a tad to make us think more but really a way for those grieving to heal their hearts. It is the last place their loved one's spirit was. I know what if someone died in a bathroom or something but I guess maybe trying to help others a bit to drive more safely is worth it.