06 September 2008

La La La La La I Can't Hear You

I'm thinking now that the RNC is over that it is time for a self-imposed political hiatus, because frankly I don't think I can last for sixty more days at the rate that my head is spinning.

I did watch McCain.  I tried not to, but ultimately I had to so that I could compare the two (he and Obama, not Palin); it's amazing how different two people and events can be.  Obama's speech was electric; McCain's was as dull as year-old sandpaper.  I continue to be amused at the length that the GOP goes to discredit Obama as a public speaker ("When you strip away the glitz...") as if Obama's motivation is to fool the country into thinking that he is eloquent and presidential, and once he gets into the Oval Office he'll start using (gasp!) split infinitives.

I think that there are thinly veiled racial overtones to that type of ad strategy, of course, and paired with Palin's "community organizer" slams we are starting to see the "BOO!" factor here.  Unlike 2004, they won't spend all of their fear fuel just on terrorism; some of it will go towards the idea of whites not being in power.  It will all be just hinted at, of course.

Just asking:  what is the racial/religious makeup of Palin's staff in Alaska?  Why hasn't this been looked at?

I think it is vital not too get bogged down on race though, because there are other things that are more obvious to prove that McCain/Palin is a hypocritical ticket.  For example, I dug McCain's finger-wagging at Washington all throughout his speech, and how he claimed that the tone in DC will change if he is elected.  First, that is the EXACT same thing GWB said all through the 2000 race, and he was right-the tone became even more polarizing than before.  Does McCain seriously believe we buy this?  Did he even listen to the speeches at his own convention?  They were nothing but polarizing!  Giuliani, Huckabee, Romney, Thompson, etc.  Do you think that if McCain wins that these folks will not be part of his administration in some capacity?  Of course they will!  Do you think that every one of them will suddenly have an epiphany and stop demonizing the other side?

The hypocrisy of the GOP is huge and examples are ample.  For instance, how many times has it been mentioned that Sarah Palin, in a moment of reform so daring that Martin Luther came back from the grave to kiss her feet, sold the Alaska state plane on Ebay?  You'd think she built the plane herself from spare parts and then tugged to the airport with her teeth from the way this story has been all over the place.  There's only one problem: it's not true.  She put the plane up for sale on Ebay, but it did not sell, and when it did sell through a broker, the net loss was half a million dollars.  Oh, and the company that bought the plane wants Alaska to give back some of the money because there have been a ton of maintenance issues.

There's nothing wrong with her trying to sell the plane.  That's not the issue.  The issue is that the backstory being told isn't truthful. 

This video from the Daily Show is brilliant.  I don't see how Karl Rove has any credibility when he is shown to be such a duplicitous liar, but I'll go to my grave not understanding a lot of things about conservative punditry.  People like Rive think that a majority of Americans have the intelligence of an ear wig, and I am sorry to say that most of the time, we seem to prove him right.  How else to explain George W. Bush being re-elected?

I have to take a break from the political spectrum because I can feel my sanity seeping out of my pores.  I can't stand another presidential election that becomes all about God again.  I can't watch as poll after poll shows the country moving away from common sense even though we've lived through eight years of an example of how screwed up this country can get when people who have no clear right to hold office are elected anyway.

I didn't hear one thing from John McCain Thursday night related to policy.  Nothing.  Not a mention of health care, no reference to ending the war in Iraq, nada about energy (except DRILL DRILL DRILL!).  It was devoid of information. 

Why should that be rewarded?  St. Paul was nothing but a hurricane of anti-Obamaism.  Shouldn't they have spent some time telling us why to vote for them instead of against Obama?

I still have high hopes for this election, though it is going to get worse before it gets better.  The pro-life attacks should be getting started any day now, and it will be uglier than ever before.  I'll have more to say when relevant, but be prepared to hear this phrase over and over again: "Barack Obama is for infanticide."

See, that's why I have to self-impose for a bit.  I'll spontaneously combust if I keep going at thispace.


luvrte66 said...

Yeah, we needed to take a breather, too. It's going to be a rough couple of months.

McCain will get a bump from the convention, but as he and She Who Shall Not Be Named continue on the trail, the lack of substance will be exposed. I think there will also be more that comes out about SWSNBN. I'm reading some fairly suspicious things. Let's hope the GOP isn't successful in their attempts to delay the investigation of her administration, the results of which are scheduled to come out October 31st. Could be a verrrrrry scarrrrry Halloween for the GOP!

Maybe one day the press will have access to her, and then the fun should start. I think they'll ask some tough questions of her, and not let her get away with these blatant lies she's been spouting.


lv2trnscrb said...

frankly, I wish the election was today; I'm tired of reading bashings of this and bashings of that; I wrote in my blog we need to pray for this election; I'm trying to keep politics out of it; I won't keep God out of my blog because of my faith, I believe he's our only hope; my prayer is that both candidates will run honest campaigns with integrity/honor and that wisdom will be given to them for whoever gets elected to run this country and to help it; I do fear for our country no matter who gets elected, but its more of a Biblical fear I have and I'm not going to try to impose my beliefs/faith on people because everyone can make their own choices of what they believe, who they are going to vote for, etc

having said that, I'm going to go and get another cup of coffee, have breakfast with my hubby, and spoil my silly corgi pup

I hope you have a good day with your family :)


psychfun said...

It was better last night...3 awesome pieces

Here is how McCain's speech was no different than Bush!


McCain the "Reformed Maverick"


And this is a hoot..."Small Town Values" as defined by RNC participants who are from Small Towns!


psychfun said...

This is what I was saying was hysterical last night!!!

"Small Town Values" defined by RNC participants...hysterical!


McCain's Speech compared to Bush's...keep it going they show footage of both


McCain Reformed Maverick