03 September 2008

Pop Quiz

I am dealing with a feeling of sickness in my stomach that I've never quite felt before, nausea of indescribable measure, and almost--almost--feel like dying is a better option.  Have I:

1. Eaten a pound of raw oysters left out in the sun for half a day?

2. Spent the last week on a fishing boat in Antarctic waters without any Dramamine?

3. Watched five minutes of the Republican National Convention?

Who had two minutes in the "how long until the first time 9/11 is referenced at the RNC" pool?  You've won an authentic Alaskan Wilderness chastity belt.

Did you know that the GOP is now "The Party of Unwed Mothers"?  I actually heard someone say this on television.  He (of course it was a "he") was being serious.

There isn't enough Pepto Bismol in the world to save me.  Must...turn...off...TV...now...


luvrte66 said...


Is it wrong to laugh at your entry, even though I can tell you're in great pain? If so, I'm sorry...but I'm still laughing!

I missed the thing about the Party of Unwed Mothers!! No way!

Is that like Night of the Living Dead?


jevanslink said...

Between Joe Lieberman, who crossed party lines and Fred Thompson who blurs the line between realy life and reel life or watching as Sarah Palin's unwed daughter becomir the poster girl for GOP family values, I can't wait for tomorrow.

Mrs. L

aimer said...

I feel your pain, but I still laughed at your entry. I confess that I started watching the convention, decided that I really needed to clean those dust bunnies from behind the refrigerator, and missed most of it. I did catch Fred Thompson's performance, and Lieberman's wrap up for the evening, but only because I ran out of dust bunnies.--Sheria

lv2trnscrb said...

cute entry; thanks for the morning laugh; hope your MRI went well; enjoy the day and that handsome baby of yours :)


psychfun said...

Tooo funny!

Have you been checking out this blog on what he is saying? Bahaha!