09 September 2008

Riddle me this

A question for any of the white woman who have switched their support from Obama to McCain in light of Sarah Palin being named the VP nominee for the GOP:

Why?  What could possibly be the reason that you would switch?  Has Sarah Palin caused you to have an epiphany on women's issues? 

I'd wager that it has a lot more to do with skin color than reproductive organs.

I'm not female, obviously, but I would think that the stark differences on womens' issues in the two campaigns equate this as a vote between Gloria Steinem and Phyllis Schlafly.  And I don't see how one could change their mind simply because a woman is part of the ticket now.

Last question: Where the hell is Hillary Clinton?  Why isn't she out there clearly defining the differnces between her and Sarah Palin? 

It couldn't be that she is thinking more about 2012 is it?


emmi2sweet said...

I'm a white woman & was considering voting for Clinton, not because she's a woman but because I felt she could lead this country. I'm NOT a supporter of Obama and NEVER will be!!! He lacks experience, judgement and simply put, I don't trust where he will lead this country. I have read his tax plan & it will destroy our economy. It speaks volumes when people in other countries want this man as our president ... why? I'm not voting for the McCain/Palin ticket because of race or gender, I'm voting for them because they have a record of fighting for the American people. The more the liberal media try to tear down another woman, the more the polls will lean toward the republican ticket.

luvrte66 said...

I don't get it, either. In fact, it kind of appalls me. How can you switch completely from one world view to another? Aren't they paying attention to policy and the fundamental philosophies of the candidates??

I don't know that Hillary should attack Palin--I still think the best strategy is to just ignore the woman as much as possible and bring the focus back to the ECONOMY and to McCain. I also think that there will be an outpouring of sewage on Palin in the next few weeks. From everything I'm reading, there's a lot of fishy stuff going on up there, and I ain't talkin' Alaskan salmon.


psychfun said...

I don't understand those who vote for just gender, culture, age whatever! That does not make sense & they should not have the right to vote if they vote like that. In fact, they probably should not have a lot of other rights if that is how they "logically" think.

I agree that while Obama & Hillary disagreed on some issues of meeting their goals the goals of the Democrats are within a range & are much different than Republicans.

Unless you are actually an economist...have a degree in it, I'm not sure how a lay person will totally  understand all the nuances to judge perfectly an economy package. There are soooo many variables that can make a difference. And what the heck have the republicans been doing in the last 8 years? Our economy is better than 8 years ago? We are more in debt, our daily cost & housing market...how can you say staying in a republican view point is going to help...well except to make the gap between the rich & poor & rich & middle class (do we have one anymore) even wider & then allow the rich to thus have the power & control!

psychfun said...

I love also how the Republicans are saying they believe in good American sweat & working hard to make someone of yourself, like no Democrat has done that & to suggest that all people who get some type of assistance do not do just that! They may get $ from the govt. that they then start a business & it helps in soooo many ways! Are there people sitting on their but collecting $. Sure...are t here Republicans doing that! You betcha ya! It is not the idea that is bad but the process. Fix it! Don't let people abuse anything! They are no better than the congressman getting $ from Lobbyist then.

Quite frankly, I believe Sarah Palin will symbollically shot herself in the foot...at least. People have a big stink about "lack of experience" hmmm how does anyone start their business. Does everyone who become a parent have experience first? If we said you could not start a business or be a parent without experience OMG! No college graduate would ever get a job! Sure we look for it first but you have to take chances based on other factors also.

frankandmary said...

I went to a political fundraiser on Friday night. Not one person mentioned either VP when discussing the election. I've also not spoken to one person(either gender) who has said they've switched up over Palin. ~Mary

aimer said...

I really must stop reading comments on other people's blogs.

The Steinem/Shlafly analogy is perfect.

I've been wondering as to Hillary's whereabouts, myself. HC could state firmly that the only thing that she and Palin have in common is gender.--Sheria