03 September 2005

On time two weeks in a row

1. What is the price of gas at your regular station?  Have you made any changes to holiday plans because of gas prices? It was $3.30 a few days ago, when I last noticed it.  I haven't made any changes because I have no real plans.  I don't think prices would cause me to make any changes to my life until it hit $5 or so.  Of course, I am in a position now where I don't need to drive much. 

2. Some people feel that the song that was #1 when they were born somehow helps shape their life.  Which song was #1 when you were born, according to this site.  Do you think it relates to your life at all?  Ugh.  The US #1 on the date of my birth was "Groovin" by the Little Rascals.  I can't stand that song.  So I did it again to see what the UK #1 was; Ugh, ugh.  "Silience is Golden."  Neither applies to my life.  I don't groove, and I am hardly ever silent.

3. Take this quiz:  Which child does it say you are?  Is it correct about your birth order? I am likely an only child.  I am actually not an only child, though my two siblings like to tell me that I was adopted, so maybe I am...

4. READER'S CHOICE QUESTION #61 from De:  What animal do you equate your spirit with and why?  (This site may be helpful.)  Anything that flies.

5. READER'S CHOICE QUESTION #62 from PsychfunIf you had to describe your personality as a nut (as in the eatable kind) what nut would you be and why? Whichever one is the toughest one to crack open, so that most people give up and never eat it.

6. READER'S CHOICE QUESTION #63 from Chris:   Who knows the "real" you better - - your real world friends or your Jland readers? I think a majority of the people who read this are non-AOL folks, so it's not even close.

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