24 September 2005

The one where I confess my Wal-Mart jihad

1. Of the following, which one best describes you at your worst?  (You can't select "None of the above!")
    a. One who doesn't finish what he/she starts I don't think that's really me becau
    b. One who talks the talk but doesn't walk the walk And yet I both drool and stumble...
    c. One who always finds the worst in a situation That'd be me.  I may not let everyone know, but deep in the bunks of my mind, I expect the worst from everything, everyone, everywhere.  It makes for some pleasant surprises when things do not turn out that way, and I am never disappointed when they do.
    d. One who generally knows what's right but does what's wrong Unless we're talking spelling or math, I don't get this.

2. Not counting shows like Saturday morning cartoons designed specifically for kids, what single show that you grew up watching religiously is now the one you most hate to sit through? I don't watch anything from back then now.  If I had to pick, I'd say "The Brady Bunch."  I watched it every Friday night when it was on, and then years and years of re-runs.  The thought of having to watch it now makes me cringe.  I am one of those people who HATES watching anyone make a fool of themselves (fictionally, not politically) and that's all the BB was-a ship of fools.

3. Have you ever been so angry with a company that you swore you'd never do business with them again?  If so, did you keep that promise? Yep.  I haven't been to a Wal-Mart in a long time (trips involving the tackling of Inflatable Santas DO NOT COUNT) and never will again.  If Heaven is nothing but Wal-Mart, I'll request a one-way ticket to hell.

4. Take this quiz:  Are you psychic? I knew you were going to ask me that!


5. READER'S CHOICE QUESTION #68 from Lily: What's the longest you've talked on the phone in a single phone call, and who were you talking to?  A long time ago, a good friend was going through a horrific point in his life.  One night the phone rang at 11.  I had to go to work at 7 the next morning.  When I got off the phone, I had just enough time to get to work on time.

6. READER'S CHOICE QUESTION #69 from Betty:   (She recently returned from a trip to Las Vegas!)  How do you feel about gambling? It's silly.  It shouldn't be called gambling.  It should be called something like "give me all your money, have a drink on me, and get going.  If you do win money this time, we'll get you next time.  And the next forty times after that."  That being said, I enjoy a trip to Vegas as much as the next person.  The secret to gambling is like the secret to life: you might do very well, but eventually you are going to lose.  Casinos are to gambling what cemeteries are to life.  When I go to Vegas, I take enough money that I won't be depressed about not coming home with, and when it's gone, I'm done gambling.  Now give me five bucks on red #29.

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