19 July 2005


I've not been to active upon these pages lately, which happens every once in a while.  I think I get tired of the blog when I see myself writing nothing but political rants.  I don't mind diving into the realm of the hot-air, but as I remind myself when I read other blogs that focus solely on politics, full-time preaching is not my gig.

And that is really all it is, preaching.  Standing in the pulpit, telling (yelling?) us all why we need to do A and B lest we end up in the fiery depths of hell, without all the religious implications.

I don't really feel all that comfortable doing that.

Ah, well.

So as I attempt to return to my normal standard of observance, I can't help but notice that the nation is supposed to find out tonight who is going to be nominated to replace O'Connor to the Supreme Court.  I find myself saying that I don't really care.

I have read a lot about it today (and when O'Connor first stepped down) and have noticed a few things:

-Why would anyone expect a conservative president nominate a liberal judge?  I'm sure that there were certain conservative groups that called on Clinton to name conservative judges to the court when he had the opportunity, but it didn't happen.  To expect it to happen know that the opposite party holds the White House is ridiculous.

-Everybody expects the Democrats to be a collective pain in the ass when it is time for confirmation hearings.  Personally, my hope is that the nominee, whoever he/she may be, is a moderate, because that will have the far right in an uproar, and I do so love seeing the Pat Robertson's of this world get bent out of shape.

-I consider this to be a true test of the kind of person the president is.  O'Connor was a moderate conservative.  Bush knows that if he names a hard line conservative, there's going to be a good chance that the process will be long and nasty.  If he names a moderate, there's an excellent chance that the nominee will waltz right on through to the court.  Remember, this president pledged to work "together" after his re-election and really has not stepped up to do so.  If he is serious about working "together", he will replace O'Connor with someone with a similar record. 

It will be really clear to see once the choice is revealed:

Moderate conservative choice = Bush concerned about all citizens of this country

Hard line conservative choice = Bush only concerned about his GOP base

I have no clue what he is going to do.

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