27 August 2005

Dang chickenhawks

1. What is your current desktop picture?  What made you select it? My nephew hamming it up at PNC Park in Pittsburgh in summer 2004.  I was trying to get a decent picture of him, he was not cooperating and I asked him to look like he was enjoying himself, so of course he exaggerated and posed like a six year old who just unwrapped the biggest present on Christmas morning.  Maybe I will make this the first picture I have ever placed in my journal...

2. A close friend who you consider to be up to date on fashion suggests that you should update your look and offers to pay for a session with an experienced hairstylist you've never dealt with before.  Knowing that it's free, would you go? Yeah, I guess, but my hair is only a few inches long.  Don't see what anyone could do with it.

3. When you do look in a mirror, what is the first thing you usually look at? How much gray hair I am accumulating.

4. Take this quiz:  Which Bugs Bunny character are you? I-I-I say-say-say that I am Foghorn Leghorn.  For the record, I predicted this as soon as I read the question, without even knowing if it was an option.

5. What label seems to describe you the best as a whole? Wordy. 

6. READER'S CHOICE QUESTION #60 from Stacy: Is there a specific person that you credit with your successes? and HOW did they help you? Not really, and I say that mostly because I cannot give credit to just one person.  And this will sound weird, but my father assisted me greatly by dying.  Not that I asked him or wanted him to, but when he did, it made me realize that I was not living the life that I wanted to.  That was three years ago, and I have been changing constantly since then.  Would I go back to how I was if it meant he was still alive?  Absolutely, but he's not, and life goes on. 

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