27 August 2005


1. Other than the "Saturday Six," what weekly or daily memes do you play most often?  (Please give a link to that journal.) Could someome please tell me what a "meme" is?  All I can think of is something someone does when they are warming up for an opera performance. 

2. If you could look back at photos you know of that were taken during your childhood, from your first school pictures to snapshots taken ten years ago, which one do you think would be the most embarrassing and why? Oh my, so many categories...let's see, as a young school child, I had  hard time smiling.  I thought I could smile, but instead I grimaced.  There are quite a few pictures of me where I look like I am passing a kidney stone.  And the outfits...I love my parents and appreciate all they have done for me, but I can say that if and when I am a parent, I will not be purchasing clothers that come in a "set", you know, where the pants have to be worn with a specific shirt.  Then at around the age of ten, my hair started doing wacky things.  I believe it is my seventh grade picture where the hair around my right ear resembles Cameron Diaz's in the gel scene of "There's Something About Mary" (I would like to clarify that my hair did it on its own, with no added help, for those of you reading with filthy one-track minds).  Then, as we metamorphized into high school, the war between my face and its pores became the highlight of any and all pictures.  But the winner is...a picture that was taken my senior year of college, spring 1991, when for some reason I had decided to let my hair grow over the winter.  One word: (I can't say it...it starts with "M", ends with "T" and has a ULLE" in the middle).

(Yeah, this was a great question all right.  And I didn't even get to the picture of me dressed as "Cinderella" when I was 2...) 

3. What was the last thing you made yourself do, even though you really didn't want to? Answer question #2

4. Take this quiz:  How do you live your life? I'm honest and direct.  And that shirt you are wearing is quite ugly. 

5. What was the last book you started but never finished (aside from any you're currently reading)?  Why did you stop reading it? "The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich."  I bought it because it was in one of those clearance bins where they are practically giving it away, and I am interested in history, but it's huge, over 1000 pages, and the type is so small that I just could not see myself reading it.  I might finish it one day, though, especially if I have to keep living under Republican presidential administrions and Congressional majorities.

6. Are you named after  anyone?  Has anyone ever been named after youI have the same name as my father and grandfather.  Rather than being named after one, I assume I am named after both.  No one will be named after me, at least not by me, as my name is too common in my family and needs to be stopped.


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