11 August 2005

Time for T.O. to G.O.

I may not get them often, but when I get what I think is a great idea, I am only too happy to share it with the general public.

Let's ship Terrell Owens to Iraq.  Let's see him try to "hold out" there.

This is a guy who will make SEVEN MILLION DOLLARS this year to catch footballs.  Of course, that isn't good enough for "T.O." (Totally Obnoxious?  Truly Offensive?  Tenacious Otter?), who thinks he is under paid.

Last year, Owens signed a contract that will pay him $49 million over seven years.

$49 Million.  I'd guess that you could combine the lifetime earnings of everyone who will read this entry, and you won't come anywhere close to $49 million.

You can have you whining, over paid, under educated NFL.  I'll stick to the college game.  However, this year I am going to try something different and not mention the team that I have forsworn my allegiances to.  Seems something bad always happens when that info becomes public.

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