21 June 2005

For your (tortured) viewing pleasure

There's been quite a bit of chatter about torture lately.  I'm not mounting my soapbox here.  I just have an idea on how to eliminate the whole problem, how to get EACH AND EVERY prisoner to spill their guts as soon as possible:

Have them watch NBC tonight.

Seriously, can you come up with a worse night of programming?  An entire hour interviewing a woman who is so full of herself that instead of just canceling her wedding came up with an elaborate tale, complete with imaginary felony acts?  Why does anyone care about this person?  I can't believe anyone would reward her with more publicity, and don't get me started on the money.

If that isn't enough to get any captive begging for mercy, then there's a whole two hours of the Hilton family. 

I'm telling you, by eleven PM tonight, we should know everything that's going on with every terrorist prisoner, courtesy of the NBC (Nothing But Class) network.

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