25 June 2005

Hey baby I hear the blues a'callin...

Here's something "fun" going on in Seattle this weekend:

"Inside Northshore Baptist Church, where Focus on the Family will be preaching that homosexuality can be “healed” by the power of God’s love, Christian counselors will be making much the same point."

The article mentions that this gathering is taking place at the same time as Seattle's Gay Pride festival, which last year drew over 120,000 people.  Something tells me that the good people of the Pacific Northwest will stay outdoors at a better than 100 to 1 clip this weekend as well.

Obviously, I'm a big believer of letting people do and say what they want, so long as they do not bring pain to others, but I have to laugh at the amount of money and other resources that James Dobson and his do-gooders are wasting this weekend.  Dobson is a pretty influential guy.  What could he accomplish if he spent this weekend holding workshops on poverty?

Here's another lovely quote from the article, by featured speaker Dr. Bill Maier:

“Because many of America’s gay activist organizations have promulgated this myth that homosexuals are born gay, many Americans have been misled,” Maier said. “There are many research studies that clearly show that gender orientation is changeable.”

Thank you, Big Word Bill.  He does not, by the way, cite any of the studies, at least not in this article.  I happen to believe that homosexuality is genetic, and I also believe that it will be proven someday, though I do not expect people like Dobson and Maier to give the findings any credit.

Is it really a choice to be gay?  Homosexuality has been around for a long, long time.  It's mentioned in the Bible, and the writings of Ancient Greece talk about it too. 

If it is indeed a choice to be gay, people have been choosing to be so for a very long time.  My guess is if people of all types have been practicing certain behaviors for such a long time, then there probably has to be a genetic link to it.

Again, that is just my thought.  I could be wrong.  If James Dobson happens to be reading this, I don't need to be "saved."

A final selection from the article:

"In addition to “powerful stories of ex-gay men and women,” people attending the Love Won Out conference will hear... the Rev. Nancy Heche, the mother of Anne Heche, the actress who famously married a man after living a widely publicized lesbian life with comedian Ellen DeGeneres."

This is a clever way of labeling, I think.  I might argue that there is a better word for people like Anne Heche than "ex-gay."

Like bi-sexual.

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