26 January 2005


As mentioned previously, this has been a day of yuck here.  When I get like this, I tend to remember that I have an extensive CD collection, which thankfully gets me through it.  I've been diving into some of it today, and thought I'd share some lyrics from different songs (which shall remain uncredited) that I find tremendous:

Time is the train

That makes the future the past

Leaves you standing at the station

Your faced pressed up against the glass




I’m going to Detox Mansion

Way out on last breath farm

I been raking leaves with Liza

Me and Liz clean up the yard



Break it down again

No more sleepy dreaming

No more building up

It is time to dissolve

Break it down again

No more sleepy dreaming


Nothing ever happens, nothing happens at all

The needle returns to the start of the song

And we all sing along like before

And we?ll all be lonely tonight and lonely tomorrow




I?ll be the rain falling on your fire escape

And I may not be the man you want me to

I can be myself, how about you?


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belfastcowboy75 said...

these are all great.