19 January 2004

Bet it's ugly in Philly today

So much for "Dononvan McNabb beats Jake Delhomme."  How did this happen?  I have to admit that I saw very little of this game, but after reading the paper it seems clear that the Eagles have sports' largest choking complex (yes, even more so than my beloved Cubs).  At least I was right about the Patriots, and the Colts inability to win a big January game outdoors.  Didn't do too bad on predicting the final scores as well.

My father/NFL guru always advised me never to go against a team that had a winning streak of more than five games, so I have to go with New England in the Super Bowl.  If the Pats win, they'll finish 17-2 with a 15 game winning streak.  Think about this: they lost to Buffalo and Washington this year, two teams that combined for less regular season wins than the Patriots.  I'll have to do some research, but I'd bet that no other team that had a chance to go 19-0 lost to one or two worse teams. 

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