16 January 2004

How long til spring training?

I see where the Cubs have hired ex-Boston Red Sox manager Grady Little as a scout and consultant.  You may remember Grady's performance in Game 7 of the American League Championship Series last October against the Yankees when he let Pedro Martinez continue to pitch in the eighth inning with the Sox leading 5-2.  New York scored three runs to tie the game and eventually won it in extra innings.  The day before, of course, the Cubs lost Game 7 of their series to Florida Marlins.

A Cubs-Red Sox world series would have been the greatest sports event in recent history.  The fact that both teams were in a situation where they were only five outs away with a three run lead from advancing is a bit too coincdental for me, though I do not believe that either team is cursed.  Perpetually scorned, maybe, but not curse.  That being said, the irony of the Cubs hiring Little is too much to ignore. 

Think Steve Bartman has applied for the job of head groundskeeper? 


mcmouse064 said...

The Cubs suck!!!! They deserve to have to have Little as part of their organization. That will just forever perpetuate the force behind your team never being able to win the big one. Unfortunately, I would have hoped that lightning strike each and every player in game 7 so that there could have been no winner.
Instead of groundskeeper, I think Steve Bartman would have served better as "Ball boy".
Thanks for letting me share my views with you!!

ber144 said...

Thanks, "Mack"; did the steroids cause you to add the "k" to your name?