18 January 2004

Some betting advice

Patriots 24  Colts 21

I don't think Zeus could perform better than Peyton Manning has the last two weeks, but I can't go against a team that has won thirteen games in a row and is dominant at home.  Factor in the history of dome teams playing big games outside in cold weather, and New England is the pick.  This should be a great game though.  Honestly, I hope my pick is wrong.  I'd rather see the Colts in the Super Bowl.

Eagles 21  Panthers 3

I just don't see how the Panthers can win this game with the matchup of QB's.  Donovan McNabb has been in these types of games before, though without much success (see pre-2004 Peyton Manning), but experience alone gives him an edge over Jake Delhomme.  Maybe this game is closer if Panther's running back Stephen Davis can play, but I still think the Eagles get a defensive TD and get to the Super Bowl (um, am I allowed to say "Super Bowl?"  I love the various radio and TV ads around this time of the year where they have to come up with clever names for the game, since the NFL won't let them use it for some reason) where they will lose to whomever wins in Foxboro today.

The NFL has to get rid of the off week before the Super Bowl.  By the time the game gets here, I'll have forgotten about it and will need to spend the first quarter reacquainting myself with the participants.

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