19 January 2004

Read before you rant

Seems I did not do as much reading about NASA and their decision to let the Hubble space telescope go obsolete as I should have.  If I had done a little more research, I would have found that they already had plans to scrap Hubble by 2011 and launch a new, improved version named for James Webb.  The decision NASA made last week only speeds up Hubble's demise.  As for now, it does nothing to change the plans for the Webb telescope.  I'm still not a fan of going to Mars, but as long as we continue to explore the parts of space we will never visit, I can live with it.

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tris1973 said...

I too am not a fan of going to Mars. I can understand the overall benefit of space exploration, but it seems excessive when you consider the cost. What difference will it make for life on earth to discover that there might have been life on Mars billions of years ago? Who cares! There's nothing there now!!! And unless there's a Starbucks, I'm not going.