30 January 2004

If you insist

I don't care much about the Super Bowl this Sunday, mostly because by the time the game gets here, I will have tuned out the hype accompanying it.  I dislike the fact that the league takes a week off in between the conference championships and the Super Bowl.  There's no advantage to either team by waiting a week.  I'm sure the Houston chamber o' commerce doesn't mind it though, and I have to believe that the NFL gets a cut of that business somehow.

Anyway, if forced to pick a winner, I'll go with the Patriots.  My late, great NFL guru always said never to bet against a team with more than a five game winning streak going, and the Patriots are up to fourteen.  I think it will be closer than most people expect, within a touchdown or so.  New England 20, Carolina 14.

I probably won't see the game as I will be making my way back across the plains back to the land of ice and snow.  Ugh.  I haven't seen a cloud in three days.  I hadn't seen the sun in Chicago for ten days before I left.  It pains me to think that I will not experience temperatures like I have the last week (mid 60's) at home until possibly May.

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