30 April 2004

Everybody play the game

I never thought I'd ever write about anything that involved Viagra.

When I was a kid, the first album I ever bought was Queen's "A Night at the Opera."  I could sing the whole album in order right now if I had to ('I feel like dancing/in the rain/can I get a volunteer'-Seaside Rendezvous...OK, OK, I'll stop now).  In time I had all of their music.  Queen was the first rock group that I proclaimed as my favorite, and they stayed there until the day Freddie Mercury died.  News of  his death saddened me as much as any person that I did not personally know.  I still listen to them a lot.

Proof once again that the memories of things that make you happy when you were a child don't always last through your lifetime arrived this afternoon when I was watching the Phillies-Cardinals game on ESPN.  There was a commercial for Viagra featuring several different men running jubilantly from their homes to the tune of "We Are the Champions," which in all honesty is not one of my favorite Queen tunes.

I was able to ignore the fact that the song has been used as an anthem in every sports arena since the early 80's, but I was significantly bothered by hearing Queen in a Viagra commercial, once I stopped laughing.  I have to admit that it was a somewhat amusing advertisement.  I posted some thoughts and a new rule last month when a David Bowie song showed up in a car ad, and I feel the same way today after seeing this commercial.  Queen's not together anymore, obviously, so I don't know who exactly is selling out, but a rule's a rule, so the lyrics have to change:

We are the erectile dysfunctional, my friends

And we'll keep on poppin' blue pills til we can achieve "the end"

We've got Viagra!  We've got Viagra!

No use for Levitra!

'Cause we got Viagra

In case we ever get a girlfriend


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