30 April 2004

"I'm George W. Bush, and I approved this costume"

It's hard to believe that today marks a full year since the President played dress up.

GW arriving on the aircraft carrier in full flight suit attire kicked off what has been a memorable year of embarrassment.  Has a commnader in chief ever looked as ridiculous as he did in that get up?  I've seen action figures in toy stores that looked more realistic than he did.  However, there is no truth to the rumor that GW petitioned the National Guard to allow his appearance last year to count towards a day of service that he missed in 1973.

Bush topped off that day by declaring that all major hostilities in Iraq were over, and to make his point a strategic banner proclaiming "Mission Accomplished" was placed on the ship so that it would be visible over his shoulder as he spoke.  Mission accomplished, major hostilities are over!  So that means the 600 or so service people killed in Iraq since then were the victim of "minor" hostilities.  A few people in the administration have since said that the banner was a mistake, but not GW.  No sir, he does not make mistakes.  Just ask God.

Not that blame falls for on GW for this, it's not like he pulled the trigger or planted the mines or blew himself up.  Well, not literally, at least, but let's nor forget that shortly after the "mission accomplished" dress up day, Bush told the guerilla forces in Iraq to "bring it on" when it was apparent that American soldiers were still in danger in Iraq. 

One would assume that this President has the smallest feet in history, which would explain his remarkable ability to put them in his mouth, and that they still must be in there, otherwise he would have somehow managed to apologize for misleading the people of this country into believing that things were OK in Iraq, and for essentially daring insurgents in Iraq to elevate their attacks on our soldiers.

(I assume I will be hearing from John Ashcroft shortly)



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