03 April 2004

um, yeah, about what I said before...

I used to like Colin Powell, but now I feel he's just another lackey in the worst presidential administration during my lifetime.

If Powell wants to impress me, he can do two things: he can produce and eat the script he used when he addressed the UN shortly before the war telling the world that Iraq had weapons undoubtedly, and he can resign.

We are approaching 600 Americans killed in a war that we were told was for the sole purpose of keeping this country safe from weapons of mass destruction.  The next weapon found will be the first.  Why isn't anyone being held accountable for this?  To quote Bob Dole: "Where's the outrage?"  It is not good enough for the occasional cabinet member to look back and say "this apparently was not the case"; there has to be consequences.  People need to lose their jobs, and maybe a person or two needs to go to jail.

Perjury, remember?  It was a big deal on Capitol Hill not that long ago.

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