30 April 2004

worse things than this

Yet another weekend assignment:

I'm really not someone who gives or seeks advice all that often, and almost all of what I have given has been OK and received has been excellent.

Worst advice I ever gave: this is easy.  A few years ago a friend asked me who he should draft as his fantasy league quarterback-Peyton Manning or Ryan Leaf (both were rookies).  I told him to take Leaf, because he was going to be a star, while Manning was going to be average at best.

Worst advice ever received:  As a former King of unrequited love (I will pause here so that you may dry your tears............) more than a few people suggested I not express my feelings to the object(s) of my affection.  Well intended, I'm sure, but I wasted a hell of a lot of time waiting for someone in the dark to see the light, while all the bulbs were burned out.

Wow, that was a really horrible metaphor.  My supreme apologies.



lilrazcal79 said...

OMG.  I've given some bad love advice and taken some bad love advice so I know how you feel.  Love your blog. If you want to see mine here's the link.  

jlreynolds said...

lol... I ALMOST drafted Ryan Leaf that year in my fantasy league... I had the #2 pick, and #1 took Leaf.  I took Manning.  I traded him 2 years later for Warner (when Warner was at his peak) and a receiver.  Now Warner has been a dud for two years, but I still have the pleasure of bragging that I knew enough to draft Manning!  haha.  Lisa (jlreynolds)